Ο Γερμανός Πρέσβης επισκέπτεται τον Cedefop

Ο Γερμανός Πρέσβης επισκέπτεται τον Cedefop

07 Αυγούστου, 2017

Ways of cooperating were discussed during German Ambassador to Greece Jens Plötner’s visit to Cedefop on 1 August.

Mr Plötner, who was accompanied by Consul General Walter Stechel, was welcomed by Cedefop Director James Calleja and Head of Communication Gerd-Oskar Bausewein.

Mr Calleja briefed the German officials on Cedefop’s work, in particular on improving vocational education and training (VET) in the European Union’s Member States.

Discussions focused on VET in Greece with Mr Plötner saying that one of his priorities is to work with the Greek government on ‘broadening the scope of activities that improve VET.’

He mentioned Germany’s current cooperation with Greece, making special reference to a EUR 3 million project for the hospitality sector (MENDI) whose participants are very successful in finding permanent employment after graduation.

The Cedefop Director also talked about the agency’s cooperation with the Greek authorities, which has resulted in a Cedefop review of the country’s apprenticeship system, about to be finalised, a review of skills governance and the alignment of the national qualifications framework to the European.

Mr Calleja singled out Germany’s VET system as ‘an example to others, not to export, but to give an idea of how it can be done successfully,’ adding that the pace of VET reforms in some Member States is slow.

The German ambassador expressed interest in the results of the Greek apprenticeship review and committed to further cooperation.

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